Artist Spotlight: Yung Gravy

Ladies and gentleman, hide your mothers, sisters, cousins, and aunties. The gravy train is picking up steam. The midwestern hailing and still faceless Yung Gravy’s combination of irreverent lyrics, innovative production, and consistent output has got the sauce boy cookin’.



Music can be a lot of things. It can dig into tough problems, tackle social issues, or it can dig into the nuances of booty, sexual food metaphors, and thots. And Yung Gravy does it all, minus the first couple.

With everything going wrong in the world, Gravy provides a much needed distraction, and reminds us that clinging on to life might still have some perks.


Though one liners abound, what’s really fueling the Yung Gravy is top notch production, from producers such as Dollie on “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot”, DJ Hoppa x Silly Kid on “Whippin”, and vbnd on “Pillow Fight”. Couple great production with fluid interior rhymes, smooth delivery, and undeniable charisma, and there’s no reason to think the Gravy train will be slowing down soon.



Flatbush Zombies Strike a Chord With “Feel It Still” Remix

‘Am I coming out of left field?’ Portugal. The Man’s front man asks in the opening stanza of “Feel It Still” the popular indie band’s chart-topping song. For fans of the original, the cosmic bass and ensuing massive kick do, indeed, come out of left field.

For fans of Flatbush Zombies, an easy listening track built around singing and plodding guitar plucks is an interesting departure from an often harsher, more stripped down sound, defined by dense lyricism. 

However, the well documented psychedelic leanings of both the Brooklyn based Rap triad, and the Alaskan native *whatever you call this*

Portugal. The Man band member timelines.png

make this a union that isn’t too far from home.

There’s no doubt it’s a winning combination. The original track benefits greatly in its tuned down transition from shrill to chilled, and Meechy Darko’s gravelly vocals and dense rhyme schemes thrive when given the space to breathe over a scenic backdrop. Fingers crossed that both sides pursue the avenues this collab has unearthed.


*Sourced from Portugal. The Man’s incredibly thorough Wikipedia

Baka Not Nice Lives Up to His Name

There are a lot of feel good stories out there, the single mother who wins the lottery, the immigrant who makes it big, Air Bud. And now there’s Baka. After narrowly avoiding human trafficking charges, and serving ten months for assaulting a woman and possession of a weapon in 2015, the former Drake body guard has just signed to OVO records. Top that Air Bitch.

While the Toronto native may not be the most sympathetic figure, his latest release “Live Up To My Name” is undeniably catchy. Littered with some of the most fun quotables of the summer (She say I look like Usher when I’m trappin’ in the rain) quality production, and the Drake stamp of approval, Baka Not Nice is primed to make a name for himself that hopefully involves staying on the figurative side of pimping.